Married but falling for another man

I've been having s** with a co-worker, who's an executive (I'm a manager)for about 2 months now. Both of us are married. My husband and I are separated but still married and trying to work things out. We were having a ton of issues, not the least which was his depression and being out of a job for almost a year. I have no idea why my co-worker is fooling around. We don't talk about our spouses, just our work, our families, our childhood, etc. Right now, to me, he's like the complete and total opposite of my husband. I suppose that is what attracted me to him. And we have awesome s**! However, I'm a woman and so I'm starting to get emotionally involved. Why the heck can't we just have s**, like men, and not get our feelings/emotions involved. Ugh, i hate that! I am always thinking about him, in and out of the office. I'm desperately trying not to fall for him. And I try to stay away from him. Its hard since we work in the same place but I manage to do so for a day or two...and then he calls or texts me, and there I am in his office, after work. Kissing him, feeling his muscled arms around me, his hands working their way under my blouse, unbuttoning my bra and when he touched my b******...I'm done. I'm all his!

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  • Why can't my boss be like you...


  • First, I'd say you're not really putting much effort into fixing things with your husband. But you're separated, so s******* the other guy isn't that big a deal. Second, guys probably get just as emotionally tied up in relationships as women. Sometimes even more so. They become obsessive and overall crazy sometimes. The married guy you're s******* looks like he's just in it for the action but cut him off and he's likely to try another tune. But starting a true relationship with a guy who is cheating on his wife has pretty long odds to beat. If you can handle distancing yourself emotionally you should just keep s******* him, because you're having a good time, give up on your husband and keep your options open for other men. Good luck.

  • Close your eyes and imagine:
    doing the boyfriends laundry, washing his dishes, picking up after him, buying a house or car together, taking a vacation together... My guess is your life with new boyfriend will be pretty close to life with husband with a few differences. Those differences is you already know your husband and you will find yourslef right back where you are now- cheating again..or being cheated on. "For better or for worse"...those words mean a commitment that you can't seem to fulfill. Lots of peole are out of work. Its a big deal for most men- likely your husband- it isn't easy. My vote is for you to drop the boyfriend and work out things with the husband. The grass is not greener on the other side- it's just different grass.

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