Secret Randevu

While my boyfriend was out with friends I met with an old boyfriend and I felt the same way that I did the first day I met him.

And I plan on doing this for as long as I can keep it up.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • So you don’t care at all how hurt your Bf will be when he finds out? Just leave him and s**** whoever whenever. That way you won’t hurt anyone. Good grief you people are so selfish

  • The other two comments are from guys who got cheated on. I think I know why too. Pathetic. Here’s the deal: you’re not married. As a 50+ guy, I say you should experience whatever or whoever you want. You only get one season of life to be irresponsible. Make memories and remember them later in life.

  • No she’s not married but she is in a committed relationship. And unless they have an open relationship she’s cheating. It’s not pathetic to be hurt because your SO is cheating. If you want to f*** everyone you see don’t get involved.

  • Christ.. People like you cause really s***** shallow relationships for everyone else. Such easily-done betrayal is absolutely disgusting.

  • Plus the b**** can't even spell "rendezvous". She probably spells "voila" as "wah lah" too. God, I hate stupid people!!

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