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I've been dating my boyfriend for almost three years and care about him deeply. I am the jealous type and can't stand the thought of him with another girl. Yet, I cheat on him with my best friend that i'm living with next year who I think I'm falling in love with him. The ironic part is, they have the same name. I hate myself and my actions more and more everyday. This is the first time in my life i've ever had a secret no one in my life knew. It's killing me.

Which David do i love?

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  • You have to learn to keep secret we, like girls do things like that , And we are ok with it because it's about wharf we want to do and the exiting thing of it is that is a secret just us know what we are doing and what we feel about it.

  • You're such a w****. I hope you get cheated on one day so you know how it feels.

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