I tried to commit suicide in december after my husband beat me and left me but at the last minute chickened out and called 911 and said it was an accident... and now i'm in love with a man who hasn't filed for divorce from his wife even though they've been separated for two years or more. i don't know what i'm doing and i know i can't stand to get my heart broken again.

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  • Love, you are not in a place to be with anyone, much less a man who doesn't have the stones (or the desire) to leave his family to be with you. End this relationship, and don't get into any more until you've healed yourself. You deserve more than you are allowing yourself to have.

  • There is nothing harsher I can say that will hurt you as much as you are hurting yourself right now. So brace yourself... LEAVE THE MAN YOU ARE NOW WITH. You need to seriously tell him that you are going to walk out, if he doesn't do the right thing for you and the relationship. If he tells you he doesn't like ultimatums and that he needs more time, then tell him too bad. Because you've have already gone through enough bull**** in your life, to take even more. Give him what ever time you deem necessary, or don't specifically tell him and keep the timeline to yourself. BUT when the time comes to leave, DON"T LOOK BACK. The fact that you came here to vent, means you know it's not right. You are not being treated as you deserve. So even if your heart aches, which it will, you will thank yourself later for haven gotten out of another failed, unhealthy, and unpromising relationship.

    You'll never experience a committed and loving relationship, if you don't set the standards for it.

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