Wtf? pt.2

A little more info to add, not only has s** frequency declined to almost never, the quality is gone.As i said last time, she didnt c** after several weeks of no f****** which has never happened. Also, we used to have really good s**, p***,liengerie, toys, oral,a***,very dirty talk, etc, now if we do she'll be on way out or something and ask "Do you wanna have s** before i go?" Of course i do but she'll just barely get her p**** wet, and tell me she's "ready".She will just lay there mostly or flip over doggy & its all over in 10-15 minutes.Then shes got no interest for days or weeks.She says i never try, but she's never f****** home!Wtf? I dont want to do anything wrong, but this s*** is getting ridiculous. I can do whatever i want on weekends, & she will just say ok. This is a new thing too. Dont know what to do.

Jun 1, 2011

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  • Some women lose interest and need novelty. I think you seriously need to find a way to spice things up or everything is headed for trouble. Have you thought about having an open relationship?

  • Thats what i think too, but with no proof, id look like a d*** if i cheat or if i confront her, and it's all in my head.Yeah i know i should go with my gut, but i just dont know what the f*** to do.I cant afford a p.i. or anything, i'm just a regular working man.I feel like im goin crazy.

  • and you should too

  • Sorry, but it sounds like she's probably getting some from someone else...

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