My boyfriend dumped me after we had s**

My boyfriend dumped me after we had s** for the third time. He claimed he regretted it and couldn't have a relationship like this. (we're only 14). Little does he know, I'm pregnant and it's his. I can't tell him. I can't tell anyone.

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  • LET IT RUIN YOUR FUTURE, that's all abortion does.
    actually don't.
    Put her or him up for adoption, and you'll feel so much better than you would having an abortion. Childbirth is h***, but abortion is Devil's Spit.

  • sounds like a personal problem

  • please do not kill your baby

  • its your body and still your choice for the first 3 months. Tell someone you trust or go to planned parenthood.

  • Please do not listen to these people. There is no reason to abort this baby. Instead of spending time on this site, spend time searching the web for a good adoptive family for the baby. In most cases, the adoptive couple will even pay for a place for you and your parents to stay while you are pregnant. That way, noone from your town will even know. Then you have the baby, give it away to a great new mom and dad, and act as though it never happened. Please look into this, H***, I'll take the baby myself. Just don't abort it.

  • I would be terrified if I were in your situation. I feel bad for you. But yesm honestly, get an abortion. You'll still have a life, a future, and you will have a chance to learn from your mistakes. You are not in any position now to be a mother. Have a child later when you can be a good mother, finish your education, have money to raise a child. See a counselor to help you move on. Sending a hug to you...

  • get it aborted...honestly, itll be much better for u, ull be able to stay in school, and have a bright future, and have kids when ur ready...u made ur mistakes, correct them and move on...

  • *me* - I'm 14, I don't want to be pregnant. I don't want to have to raise a baby and I don't want to recieve the 'your too young' looks. It hasn't offically been prooved - just through 2 home pregnancy tests. I can't bring myself to have an abortion though. I've never agreed with killing an unborn child. And I don't want to regret something like this - truth is, I now too regret the far too sexual relationship - because of the way it turned out.

  • Are you pregnant, or do you just lik the idea of being pregnant so that he won't dump you?

  • Go ahead and come clea with your parents. Tell the father. Take responsibility for your actions and raise the baby. I did. I had my daughter when I was 16 and don't regret it. It's the right thing to do.

  • you have to tell him. you have to tell someone. you can't even get rid of it unless you tell someone.

  • Abort it.

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