I've been in love with you for eight

I've been in love with you for eight years and I know that nothing is going to come out of it even though you are the lonliest person that I have ever met. I can't take this feeling anymore and I'm going to sleep with your best friend so that the small little bit of hope that sits in my heart and tells me that it might work out between us will be shattered and I will be forced to move on. . .I can't figute out why I'd rather do this than just take my chances and tell you. I feel like a shell.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I don't thiink your solution will help the situation!

  • i'm not dating him...i just wish that i was.

  • I know how you feel. Sometimes it's easier to do somthing that you know will end an unplesant situation instead of talking about it. Talking seems to make it more real, it's more effort and more personal. It pulls you into the situation and makes you uncomfortable with it. But doing something and watching the situation fall apart as a result makes you feel like disconnected, like it's not your fault. But the bottom line is that if you want to break up with someone that you still care for, just do it. Forcing a situation that causes it to end like cheating is adding insult to injury for the other person. If you care, don't put them through any more than you have to, breaking up will be bad enough. And be strong in your choice, don't look back or give in but don't sleep with his friend just to make you stick with your decision. Then you'll just leave him without you or his best friend and it sounds like he's lonely enough as it is. I'd give the guy a break, let him down easy.

  • i know how you feel my god and if i knew what to do i would tell you.
    why would we want to knowingly destroy or chances ?
    fear of being hurt is a powerful thng

  • . . .I posted this confession, anybody have any suggestions for what I should do?

  • this is my confession too...weird.

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