Best friend troubles

I am almost thirteen. I have a best friend who is almost fourteen. Today she told me she loved me. Let me say one thing before you leave muttering about how teenagers don't know anything about love. We do. We just don't know what to do about it, I am rather mature for my age, or so I've been told. I love her, but I also love a guy. The problem is he won't even look my way. I don't know why not, I'm average looking, tall, brown boyish punk hair, grey eyes,c-cups. I love them both, but I Know I shouldn't go out with the girl, my family wouldn't like it. Should I go out with her in secret? Should I wait for someone else? I AM SO LOST!!!! Someone please help me.....

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  • threesome.

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  • Lets answer the questions.. What do you tell your best friend after she told you she loved you? You tell her she's your best friend and you love her too..just not in that same way. Will you break her heart? Possibly..but if you don't feel the same way about someone it's better to be truthful then to lie to them. Hearts do mend. The best part is, you two will still remain friends. As for the boy who won't notice you. That's life, sweetie. We always like the boys that have no idea that we're alive. A lot of times, boys are just as shy and afraid of rejection as you. You can always try to talk with him and get to know him. You're parents will most likely not allow you to date until you're older, but maybe a group of you can always meet at the mall for pizza and a movie and you can talk with him at school.
    Could it be Love, could be deep like and crushes. And you'll have a lot of these throughout your teens. We all want to be liked by someone. You're all at various stages of going through puberty. You guys are at the age when you develop crushes on each other. Could your best friend be gay? Sure.. are you? Maybe, maybe not. Sounds like you like the boy and just don't want to hurt your friend. Just have fun and don't get so wrapped up in it. Talk with your mom when you have questions. It may be a little embarrassing, but remember she was once a teen too. Good luck!

  • Do NOT listen to the first poster!YOU ARE 12 YEARS OLD!!!!

    DO NOT do anything with the girl OR boy.You have your whole life ahead of you. DO NOT have s** of any kind now!You must talk with your mother, older sister, aunt or someone who know you and can guide you to having a wonderful life.
    Pay no attention to the first poster, they sound like a disgusting person

  • Original Poster here, it isn't like that. I know better than to do some one at age twelve, I'm on my iPhone posting this. Itvwas not supposed to go in the s** category at all, it messed up on me.

  • Follow you're heart, a lot of people will judge you for the decisions that you make but why should you care? If you're happy than they should be too.. If you love her and she loves you than try work things out.. otherwise try to get the guys attention.. maybe he is noticing you but keeping a low profile thinking you'll make a move! :)

  • Hi, original poster here. That really helps, but would it hurt her if I just wanted to be friends and didn't accept her feelings?

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