Fourteen and screwed up

I'm almost 15, and I guess I'm kinda attractive, but I've never had a boyfriend or even kissed aguy,and the reason is because I'm 6ft... All my life I've been bullied about my size, I'm not overweight or anything, I'm just tall. All through school I've been the 'freakishly tall' one and I'm sick of being a s*** load taller than all my friends, it sucks!... Do you know any ways I can get more 'comfortable in my own skin' ? x

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  • Show some boys your shaved p u s s y, you'll get tagged, might be hard to 69

  • Getting comfortable in your skin just takes time. When you're in your teens, everything can be a sensitive subject. You have to just learn to accept and embrace everything, even the stuff you can't change. Being tall is an asset! I'm short (well much shorter then my friends).. and grew up with all my friends being over 6 ft. We're all women, btw. But I knew we were friends with each other because of who we are, not how tall or short we are. I was always in front for class pictures, and they were always in the back. My one friend would hunch over so she wouldn't appear as tall. High school is tough for a lot of people. But no one is perfect and everyone has something they wish they could change about their bodies or appearance. So hang out with your friends,ignore the haters and you'll get through it.

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