I have so many secrets that I can't dump onto anyone else that I googled 'Somewhere to confess my secrets' and found this

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  • Unless they are about cutting. Those are so sad and predictable. Just stop cutting, please. It's incredibly stupid. Or, you want to talk about a good friend you secretly love but are afraid to tell and you watch that friend be with someone so wrong for them. Those are just pathetic. That friend doesn't love you that way and never will. And the saddest part is, you know that's true. Oh, and ones about having s** with a sibling seem to be rather common here and are mostly fantasies designed for shock value. Other than that, go ahead.

  • Or if they are all of the things this person has mentioned, go ahead. Because thi is an anonymous online confession site and you should just say whatever you want.:]

  • >>you should just say whatever you want.:]

    Yes, up to and including "Keep your BS stories about love and sibling s** and cutting to your own stupid selves."

    WhatEVER you want means whatEVER you want, madafakas!! Suck it up if you don't like it.

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