Help Im Overwieght!

I need help im 15 and around 16-17stone i love being with my mates but every time i see them i wanna die cuz i hate being such a fat cow i need help losing weight i cant tell my friends becuz they will laugh and they have done before even though i do say they are my mates but they still take the p*** outta me ..... i just wanna be a normal weight by the end of summer so i can have a normal life in year 11 and go to my first prom and have a first kiss i really like a few boys but they just take p*** outta of my weight even though i try and p*** abwt it aswell but i jsut think if i were thinner more people would like me and more people would like me in the nice way;) so if anyone could help me through this please im desperate a meal plan anything just to help me through the last year of my life ....... signed fatz!

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  • If I could go back in time, I'd tell my 18 year old self to stay on top of all the weight I lost. It gets harder to get rid of every time it comes back, and I think it's here to stay now. Goddammit!!

  • 7.6 years ago she posted this, I wonder how she got on?

    I bet she's still a fatty boom boom

  • I wish you all the luck in the world. obesity is not your problem , you are food addicted. you must break the hunger cycle with science . you have a computer , use it to find out why you're always hungry . get some sun take vitamins, dont worry about eating make hungar your friend . most of all eat real food if you must eat . learn to prepare everything you eat yourself. take my advice and you will feel wonderful.

  • Thank you but im too young to join gyms where i live and also this year is knd of the last year of my life if dont stop eating becuz i will end up dyng my doctor said if dont cut down but he dont help me he referred me to other peopkle which dont help eaither

  • You don't need a gym. You can do stuff both in the home and even outside. Buy exercise videos from a store. Or put on tennis shoes go for a walk outside..20 min a day and then add on more time. If you want to try lifting weights, use two 8oz water bottles or cans of soup. Your biggest obstacle is you. The more you make up excuses, the longer you take to get to your goal. You have to be proactive in your own weight loss and life. Don't give up. If the people you are being referred to aren't helping, tell someone what you need or find others that will help you to get there.

  • Go girl! You have the summer to transform yourself. You can so do this. Remember that the weight didn't come on overnight, so it won't come off overnight either. Losing weight needs to be a lifestyle change. Meaning not only are you going to change what you eat and when you eat. You change your relationship with food and stop being mean to yourself or calling yourself names. Because it's all tied into our self esteem. We call ourselves fat and beat up on ourselves because our pants don't fit or all our friends are skinny and can eat everything, so we eat. We feed the need. It's important to watch for emotional triggers. But simple things you can start doing..drink water, Eat six small meals a day so you never get too hungry that you pig out. Stock up on veggies, lean meats, fish, chicken and fruit. Put down the soda, junk foods (pizza, ice cream etc..) sugar. Hard to do try to limit the bad stuff. Get plenty of sleep and exercise. While you're on break, join a gym or start exercising. Set goals for yourself, like run 2 miles. Check out Weight Watchers or something similar where you are. It will help you to count calories and watch what you're eating. Tons of stuff online too. But you're a teenager, you do need to eat calories. Talk to your doctor, he/she can help. Yes, there are pills and shakes but really there's no magic to losing weight. Those quick weight loss things are often very unhealthy and once you go off, you'll gain your weight back and then some. It's a process. Starving yourself works against your body. P.S. This is not the last year of your life..this is just the beginning. Good luck!!

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