I'm a sixteen-year-old virgin and I'm

I'm a sixteen-year-old virgin and I'm already thinking I might not ever want to have s** because I have really amazing o****** when I m********* and I'm thinking s** isn't going to feel as good as what I can give myself. When I have crushes on people now, it's only because I think they might be a good person to cuddle with and maybe kiss.

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  • Its very different when its a guy you really love, and it becomes more than just the end result (o*****). It's feeling sooo close to the one you love.

  • Oh man, and don't miss out on mutual masturbation. You and a girl masturbating together... you get to see how they act when really turned on and doing the tricks that get themselves off the best. It lets you learn a lot.

    Lets just say that solo-masturbation is just fine. But having someone do it for you, you get more out of it than just a sub-par o*****. You get all the good feelings and sensations of someone else doing it.

  • M*********** can be done during s**. You can rub your c*** while youre getting f*****. Or better yet, try toys. They're awesome and can be purchased online. There's a thing called a bullet and OMG it will make you feel like you have been missing something your entire life. Those things are awesome. Its just a tiny little thing that vibrates, and you hold it to your c*** and within minutes you are having major o******, as many as you can handle. I use this with my partner as fore-play. He loves to watch me shoot it all over the bed. You do not need to be having s** at 16. That can wait. I'm telling you, toys can give you more than a man could ever even thin about giving you.

  • i thought you couldn't climax through masturbation...can you?

  • My wife thought she masturbated too much before she met me. But I helped her to learn that she can have wonderful gushing g-spot o*****. She would have been happy with her status-quo but I helped her discover more. A caring lover might do that for you too.

  • Masturbation IS better than s**, if you're a girl. Sorry to break it to you, sweetie.

  • s** is amazing.. that will change.. but don't have s** before you're ready anyway. m*********** is healthy, i'm glad you like it so much.

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