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Since I've come back on summer break from school a girl i dated and broke up with cause i couldn't handle the log distance relationship is now resurfacing and is telling me she is mad at me for breaking a promise that i made over the phone. Now that she did this i dont recall making a promise but i do recall talking to her on the phone not to long ago. I have called her over 10 times in the past 2 days hoping she would pick up to talk to me and she wont and it's because she is scared of the answer that i might give her when she tells me what the promise was. She posted that on her tumblr. so now i have no idea of what to do? She also said that she is heartbroken to see me in a relationship and that every time she messages me on facebook it seems as if i take it as a joke and she says the more she hates me the more she loves me... i have no idea how to deal with this?

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