Technical Virgin

When I was 8 my mother went to a hospital for depression. Dad became a good single parent while she was gone. One night I woke up before sunrise and had to go to the bathroom. I caught my dad watching p*** and jerking off in the living room. I just watched him and the movie and he didn't notice until he finished, which I thought was weird and fascinating. He was embarrassed but he answered my questions.

I always had him wrapped around my finger, and I managed to talk him into letting me watch a movie with him. I learned from the movies how to play with my puss and got randy enough to ask dad if we could do that stuff. I guess everything was too much for him and I ended up becoming a "technical virgin" that night - doing everything except what leads to babies.

That was when I was 8. I'm 29 now, I've married and divorced, and we still have our sexual relationship. He's the only man who ever had a*** s** with me. I don't think that I'll ever have him in my puss, because that would be weird.

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  • Sure, a*** is just fine. Wouldn't want to get weird.

  • Pretty weird already, i'm a tad creeped out.

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