i always wonder if someone i know looks

i always wonder if someone i know looks at this website as regularly as i do. i wonder if they know who i am, or what secrets are mine. or that some of these secrets belong to me. it's weird.

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  • Sometimes, it's a good way to get actual confessions or things off your chest, and sometimes it's just plain fun and to get people's opinions.

  • I am supprised at some of the comments. I write confessions to stimulate conversation and then someone writes some judgemental response. Anyway I still like sharing some of my dirt.

  • i also wish i could erase some of my confessions.

  • I wish I could earse some of my confessions too.

  • I am the same. I have a few confessions that I sometimes wish I could erase!

  • Well said!

  • Ha ha I feel the same! I don't use real names because of it! So paranoid about it but I love to read the comments people leave.

  • who knows maybe we're the only 2 people that come here.. lol because i leave a lot of confessions too.

  • I'm the same way. I check this at least once a day, and I leave so many different confessions that sound completely different so I don't think anyone has connected any of mine.

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