What is wrong with me?

So lately i have been having murderous thoughts countless times. The sight of death and blood excites me, and my blood starts to pump. My hands shake at times, and I crave the itch to end a life force of something. I have teased and picked on for many years without many friends, and some of those friends betrayed me. I havent actually killed anything besides a insects and maybe animals but not an actual human being. Not any individuals I feel the compulsive itch to kill, just anybody. I am often depressed and never angry. I also dont feel pain as much as others. I dont hate anything or anyone. I used to have a voice that urges me to kill and just let loose. It is gone but my urges are even stronger. Is this normal? To randomly crave the blood of another living thing? I think i have paranoid personality disorder or something, but is truly wrong with me?

Jun 30, 2011

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  • i have the same urges.. day in day out,
    i have fantasized about killing for years
    and throughout those years everyone has fallen victim to me
    but these are all fantasies, they more then likely will never really happen [but you never know]

    the best way to control them is to let them out slowly in activities that come close to your fantasies

    the way i do it is, i make very very violent horror films where i allow pretend victims to fall to my urges it helps i suggestion you try it [or something similar Good luck!

  • Is this Dexter Morgan?

  • Okay , you were obviously bitten by a vampire ! :}

  • its not at all normal, u need some treatment buddy, dont let that murderous urge overcome ur mind

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