I dislike religious people

I really really really dislike religious people.

To me they just seem like the most gullible idiots in the world. When people start talking about how great god is for having them find a $20 bill in the parking lot, I just want to smack them in the face. If god even does exist, people have a lot of nerve to think that he'd care for such incredibly meaningless things in peoples individual lives considering how tiny and insignificant our planet is in depth of our universe. In all practicality we probably wouldn't exist to him. our entire planet would be like an amoeba in the crack of god's ass cheeks.

the beliefs of the majority of people in the world really speaks volumes about how big our egos are.

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  • LOL!! I heart this thread. f****** crazy ass religious people are so messed up. people with blind faith are more disturbing to me then suicide bombings. funny, those are just the type of people who do that type of s***. as a great man once said "theres an invisible man in the sky. and he needs your money." like f***. I don't care if people believe or conform to an organized religion. what I do care about is when they try to tell me im wrong or im going to h*** because I don't believe what they do. really? I don't believe what you believe because who ever told you that that is how you should think didn't brain wash me as well? LOL!! you gotta be the dumbest son of a b**** alive.

    try hearing a family member tell you that you'll never see your uncle (who was like a father) again because you don't believe what she believes and all other religions are false. so to you tc/op, I salute!

  • You are f****** with the chosen. Our Lord will smite your disbelieving, sacrilegious ass! When Jesus comes back you will be number 1 on his s*** list. You hear me, Boy? Have a blessed day.

  • You call me stupid. Yet, you don't deny that I'm right. Most of you who are faithful know that I am right somewhere in your heart. You know that all that bull they teach you in bible school contradicts everything that you see in everyday life. Don't be scared to open your eyes and see the world for what it really is instead of sticking your head in the sand.

    Poor idiots.

  • "amoeba in the crack of god's ass cheeks." funnies thing I've read :D

  • 1^ Just who are the people that shove their "crazy" faith s*** in your face??? Names PLEASE! And if you hate them so much WHY are you around them??? What's the matter, don't have enough courage to just walk away??? "The world would be a better, nicer and more advanced place?" Where do you live under a rock??? If so crawl back under it!YEAH, RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!

  • Me too! I'll even go one step further ... well, lot's of steps really. I wouldn't mind all REALLY religious people to get killed. We could even make a game out of it. And I don't mean religious as in 'by believeing in a God I have a little more strength', you know. Those people are fine. But the "Oh the lord provides" ones and those who shove their crazy faith s*** in your face like you're a moron for not believing and they are better ... Oh man ... headshot! I wish that was legal. The world would be such a better, nicer and more advanced place. Think about it ... religion has cost nothing but lives, wars, ... One can dream, right?

  • "our entire planet would be like an amoeba in the crack of god's ass cheeks"

    Is that why New Jersey smells the way it does?

  • You are one of the stupidest people I have ever heard of! You are just SO STUPID I really cannot believe it!!!Try to dumb down your stupidity!

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