I like my space. People are welcome to visit, but don't ask me to visit you

I want to have a few close and sincere friends, but I don't want to look for them. I am a hermit at heart or maybe just depressed. But thinking back I've always have liked my space and as a little girl I would wandered off from the crowd. Is there any ideal job, if there can be in the age of social networking!, that would be ideal for a person like me? Don't say prostitute, because s** is also something apathetic about. ha ha

Some of my likes: reading, investigating, observing human character, art, food, contemplating

Real good suggestions are appreciated.

Jul 5, 2011

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  • Easy, just do what other girls who believe they're like you have done:
    1. Get married to the first financially well-off guy who will impregnate you.
    2. Squirt out two or three "precious" tow-headed little kids (they MUST be blonde, special needs or both).
    3. Build a website for your "life coach" business where you sit on the "farm" that your husband's money bought and spend your life posting lots of pictures of kids and chickens so you've got "I'm so deep and totes have my $hit together" cred.

    It doesn't matter whether or not you're actually successful, as long as you keep that website updated with unending, filtered pictures and vacuous "advice" that can only truly apply to people in the exact same situation as you. Appearance is everything!

  • Why not! I'll join her. That is what I used to daydream about when I was younger, all those reruns of Buffy and Xena, would make anyone think about the life of a solitary hero/ crime fighter.

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