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Marital Society I am not perfect .. going through ups, downs, turmoil, drama, physical fights, hurtful words, and routine s** burned me out, and it turned me off to a point where I don't care about being the ideal husband anymore. I get tired of this fake image we have to uphold, in order to avoid being judged for doing things thats noted as unacceptable .. No I don't go out with prostitutes, No I don't meet women off Craigslist for NSA s**, No I don't pick up random women off the street, No I don't flirt with her sisters or any of her family at that .. the only thing I have a problem with is fighting off temptation and giving in to seduction .. ive had female friends that like to seduce me & i admit Ive given in for the thrill & for the good time .. Its not that I dont give a f*** about the relationship its just that I have friends who want me to enjoy their company to ... why is it ok to say i love my mercedes but I also love my Lexus in terms of cars? however its a problem if i were to say i luv having a significant other but I also love enjoying time with my friends in terms of female company? Therefore I am not the perfect ideal husband and I dont care to be .. I literally take life as it comes I'm just hoping it doesn't bite me in the ass later on .. can anybody else relate?


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  • STFU. OP is being real. People whine and cry about how nobody's genuine anymore, and then when someone is, cretins like you crawl out from under your rocks and make jealous bitter noises. Bet you love you some Fox "News" too, Billy Bob! lol

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