When My Boyfriend Cheated On Me I Fixed Him Good

I was so p***** when my a****** ex boyfriend cheated on me, I had s** with all his friends to p*** him off.

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  • HAY...if u thnk tht u rly cer 4 ur bf thn dnt let him forc u 4rm dng rng thng..........

  • Oooh, that reminds me of this girl that I knew who had to go to hospital due to minor internal bleeding from being f***** too hard. She was like 5 ft something and f***** my friend (11 inches) while she was on speed.

    Needless to say, it only happened once. I feel you pain brother.

    Me? I've got a utility sized p****. It does everything and goes everywhere comfortably. I love my p****.

  • have any of you heard of AIDS??? bunch of nitwits..

  • Oh, f*** you Mr. Judgemental, with your little d*** that makes you a corn cob up his butt a******!

  • And, P.S. I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.

  • You f****** s**** need the love of Jesus in your f***** up lives. Get right with God or go f*** yourselves!

  • "Get right with God or go f*** yourselves"

    So I guess Jesus is taking the old testament approach now?

  • I'd like to do that too if I broke up with my boyfriend, except it would be kind of pointless since most of his friends have had me already.

  • You're my hero. I wish I had enough courage to leave my j****** boyfriend and f*** his friends on the way out. How sweet it would by, like someone else wrote revenge with benefits. One of his friends is always trying to look up my dress and down my blouse (I can't blame him for the down the blouse. I have beautiful big t*** to die for). Maybe I'll say f*** you to my boyfriend and s**** his friend on the way out. That way I'd be s******* two people at the same time, only one of them in a way he wouldn't like when he read my f*** you and goodbye letter. I'm sick of his s***!

  • Good one?? way to go girl?!!! These are senteces to cheer that girl who had s** with strangers!!! Hello!!! You had s** with strangers and you are happy!!?? Your dignity is totally gone!! You have no honor now because you had s** with people that won't remember you!! You are cheap now, I hope everyone knows who are you because it will be really sad if people know a girl who had a plenty of s** with strangers... S** is not funny woman!! be a big woman and realize that it is all a sin, I'm not only talking of religon sin, I'm saying that it is a sin to you to give yourself to whores!! Let light be with you.

  • umhh i am one of your boyfriend's friends
    when am i having s** with you?

  • That's the way to do it like a good kick in his b****. Guys are always cheating on us f****** other women but they go out of their minds when we f*** other men. Perfect! Revenge with benefits!

  • Your ex is my new best friend. Give me a call.

  • You go girl! Guys pull s*** like this on us, so it's t** for tat!

  • I did the same to my a****** ex boyfriend. The revenge was sweet, he's been p***** about it for two years, hee, hee, and I got plenty of good s** as a bonus. Would I do it again? F*** yes! Advice to my next boyfriend, watch your ass and have lots of endowed friends.

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