Pooped my pants

I'm a 27 year old woman.

I consider myself well behaved, especially with my bowel movements. I'm doing an internship in Berkeley and invited some old friends of mine to check out the Pride Parade with me. Although I had been feeling sick and having chorro (the runs) I decided to go anyway. We took the Bart to San Francisco (a 45 min. ride). Once the parade was over we were taking pictures with folks and I thought I would be sneaky and pass some gas.

Little did I realize that it was not gas that I was passing but something else... liquified (I'll leave the rest up to your imagination).

I immediately ran to a restaurant bathroom and proceeded to wait 30 minutes. Once in the bathroom safely locked, I threw down my pants. My panties looked like a baby dipper. I threw them away, used a wet paper towel to clean my jeans, put them back on and acted like nothing happened.

Don't judge me.

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  • Lol I love you. You're sneaky!

  • Bahahahah, that made my night. awhh, poor thing. well s*** happens oh well (:

  • It's an awful thing to go through, but that could happen to any body with the runs. I mean, h***, you were sick and had stomach pains.

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