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I am a 26 year old woman who is NOT promiscuous in any way....
However, I ** 3 to 5 times a day on average. I also have a MILLION fantasies, and can get excited by just about anything. I keep it all a secret and my feelings don't interfere with my life (except, maybe, when I don't get enough sleep because I was looking at pornographic videos all night).

Anyway, I read recently that someone who ** as much as me might actually have a psychological "disorder" that could warrant medication. They're saying more than once a day is "abnormal."

For whatever reason, that gave me an impulse to join an online depression forum, and create a whole fake story about how I recently started taking the antidepressant Paxil (which often stops people -- especially women -- from being able to have an **). I created this persona of a wild party girl who has lots of ** and is now miserable because the drug has taken away my ability to come.

A bunch of other women replied with their own sad stories just like that, and it REALLY gets me off. I know it's crazy, but I get this huge rush from knowing that I can ** whenever I want, and they cannot. I love having that secret. In fact, I've had this fantasy where someone discovers how ** I really am and forces me to take the drug, too, so I can't come anymore....

I know. It's totally crazy; but I think these things.

So, how's THAT for a weird fetish???

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Pooped my pants

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  • Give up the pills u need a mate if u got ** few times each day ud b fine

  • Im a 54 year old WM. I ** with a buddy. He lets me give him BJ's but he won't reciprocate. I like to eat my own **.

  • i wish i was by you we would take care of that lol

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