Bad desicions happen when ur stoned

Ok so oned day about a yr ago I was stoned, lonely(hub been working alot ) and h****. I was talking to my bro by txt in another state we got to talking about s** ... We have always been open like that... We could talk about anything. That day he was stoned and h**** too ( his wife just left him 6 months ago cause she found a guy with a better job) so he asked me to send him pic of my t***... By end of convo we had sent eachother a bunch of dirty pics of our selves.... We talk once or twice afte that as if nothing happened. Now he won't answer my txt or phone calls

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  • Dnt blame the weed, it was probably the fact tht you were both h**** tht made yu do it =T

  • I know it's weird.... He is my step bro so we arnt blood but I wish we could forget it ever happened

  • auto correct sucks ass or you just did that cause u wanted to =]

  • He's probably just feeling guilty and will get over it in time.

  • Well for the love of god, dont blame the weed.

  • Yeah, weed doesn't do that. You had that in you already.

  • lmao. true. you're just gross.

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