Brothers wife

I always had a crush on my brothers wife.
Last month i had to drive them home from xmas party my brother was past out so i helped he in house first and she thought i was my brother in dark when i got her to bedroom
We started kissing and i let my better judgment get best of me.
I f***** her quickly not even thinking of my brother in car.
She was tight as h*** and i give her a small hickey on neck.
I never came so hard.
She falls asleep and i go get my brother
And carry him in drag more like it. And put him in bed.
The next day i here nothing so I must be i clear.
Two days later they stop over and visit like normal
So they dont know
I can see hikey on her neck fading some
Made me hard thinking of it.
She saw me looking and said tea someone got caries away when we got home and she leaned over and kissed my brother on the neck.
Now a month later they come over and tell me she is pregnant .
Im such a s***.
I think about it it makes me hard.
I f*** my wife and think about that night.

Jan 9, 2020

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  • That was rude

  • You are disgusting! You ra-ped your f****** sister in law you piece of s***. When it comes out, and it will, you will have caused them to divorce or at least cause major trouble in the marriage. Because there will be no way your brother will believe that she didn’t know she was f****** you. Drunk or not. Even though it’s the truth. He will blame her for cheating and you two will be at odds. The best thing would be to tell the truth you f****** piece of s***. The truth will come out eventually so you better get ahead of it! If nothing else do it for the sake of the child.

  • What u mis understand from my story is she new it
    She was pretending to be passed out.
    And she was already 2 weeks pregnant before i did it.

  • Have you poked her since then?

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