A trick on my crush

I'm a 24 year old woman who lives in an apartment building.

There's a guy who lives in an apartment just down the hall from me, and I really, REALLY think he's hot.

We actually come into contact on a regular basis at work because he's a client of the company I'm with, and sometimes, I have to handle his account.

I REALLY have this HUUUGE crush on him, OK? I've fantasized about marrying him and having his babies and everything, even though he's got a girlfriend and hasn't really shown an interest in me.

SOOO, the other week, I was doing my laundry in the apartment building's washroom when HE happened to come in to do laundry, too. We said Hello, and nothing happened. BUT...

When I went back into the laundry room to get my clothes out of the drier, I noticed that HIS stuff was still in there. And, for some reason, I tossed a pair of my underwear into his drier, with his clothes.

It was just a cheap, little, frilly pair of panties. Nothing I would miss, but something I just wanted him to have.

I hope he didn't notice them in with his clothes until later, after he'd gone all the way back to his apartment. And I hope he kept them.

Jul 9, 2011

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  • If he returns them check for some j*** stains.

  • F*** him

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