Problem with Friend's Son

I'm a single woman, and I recently invited my best friend and her teenaged son to stay with me while she is looking for a job. They had just moved to the area from another state.

I have two bathrooms in my house, one of which also doubles as the laundry room. I keep my laundry basket in there. My friend's son stays on that level of the house, so he typically uses that bathroom.

Last week I was doing my laundry, and noticed that a pair of my panties had a white, crusty stain on them. It was, well, weird. A couple of days later, I pulled out a couple of more pairs of my panties and again they both had white stains on them.

To be short, I am convinced that my friend's teenaged son is relieving himself via masturbation on my underwear. I find this to be so inappropriate. I guess young men at that age m********* a lot, but really, do it in a tissue or something.

I am not sure whether to present the evidence to my friend, and let her know that I think that her son is relieving himself in my clothes. I think she would get mad and perhaps punish him harshly, as she is very strict. They are only going to be staying with me for another few weeks, so is it even worth bringing up? I am a little upset.

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  • He must be a noob,golden rule is never soil them with your own e********!!! Sniff,lick shoot in a tissue/toilet.
    Never in the pantie

  • You are right. He is a young man. In their minds they do have to do that all the time. I'm sure he means you no harm. As an old man who used to be a young man, he is probably using them for the way they feel. If he is with thinking of you when he goes it, take it as a compliment and ignore it. It washes right out.

  • No keep what you found to yourself unless you catch him red handed, then let him c** on you or better yet in you and keep it a secret

  • A family conference is called for to address this vice.

    With support & close supervision he can beat this deamon.

  • You fukin idiot

  • The world does not revolve around you s***, that c** is probably from some random guy you picked up f****** stupid w****

  • Relax buddy

  • On the one hand it is your house and your belongings and who wants to find that. But to go to his mom and have her punish him, think that could have damaging effects on this young man. Masturbation is totally normal and so is fantasizing. No one should be punished or embarrassed for that. I don't know if it's worth embarrassing him. Even going to him directly could be tricky... Maybe try keeping your undergarments somewhere else while they are there, see how that goes. I realize that it sucks to make changes to the way you live, but... If you suspect that he is rummaging through your drawers that would clearly be a different situation. In which case, I would suggest tissue or a sock.

  • Lies lies lies lies your nose so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!

  • Lying s*** that cun is from your client slapped

  • Go to him privately and tell him to stop it, or you'll make his mother aware of his perversion.

  • Stupid lying c***

  • Lying witch

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