Close the Door Next Time.

In college, my girlfriend invited me up to her home for a weekend in the Chicagoland area. She lived with her mom in a 2 bedroom townhouse. Well, one morning I went in to shower, notice a door on the other side of the bathroom, thought it was weird. But then notice alot of laundry stuff and what look like a laundry room cabinet. And I swear I thought I saw a washing machine or a dryer...the room was very dark and messy, alot of clothes and couldn't see in to far. Anyway, I took a shower, got out, and brushed my teeth, shaved, got dressed, and went out. Later that day and the next morning the door was closed. I thought maybe they didn't want me to see the mess. But on the car ride back to the dorms my girlfriend told me that her mom told her that I have a nice butt and a really nice body and how she really loved the show. I was so confused because that was weird for a mom to say so openly until she said that her mom's advise for me was to Close the Door Next Time. Then it hits me, I got it, the "laundry room" was the mom's bedroom. I was completely naked with her mom watching me the entire time I was in the bath. I was mortified, and had my girl promise not to tell anyone back in the dorms. I also told my girl that I will never face her mom again unless she was completely naked LOL. Now, I always check bathrooms thoroughly before removing my clothes.

Feb 17

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  • I wonder if some hanky panky with either the mother or your friend is in the offing ?

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