The things I would do to you...

I want to sit on your lap and kiss you. I want you to run your hands up under my shirt and feel my t***. I want to feel your fingers on my nipples while your tongue slides along mine. I want you to take me into the back room and kiss me again. I want to wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck. I want to lean up against the desk and open my legs, pulling you close as you kiss me again. I want you to slide your hands under my skirt, up my thighs and over my hips, grab my panties and pull them down, I'll lift my hips off the desk so you can pull them off. I want to gasp for breath as I feel your fingers enter me. Oh yeah, kiss me, finger me, I can feel how hard you are as I rub your d*** through your pants. I fumble with your belt buckle as your fingers bring me closer to c******. I'm working the button and zipper as fast as I can, until I feel you in my hand, hard dry and warm. I stroke your c*** and run my thumb over the head, spreading some pre-c** around. The head of your d*** is now pressing up against my opening. You move forward. I can feel you slide all the way into me and we both let out a moan.

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  • You'd get it. Then you'd need to get on top and show me how bad you want it by grinding that p**** all the way down my c*** and rockin' for all your worth. You better be ready for some biting on those nipples and some playful smacks on that ass.

  • That's just how I like it.

  • ill pound you till u think straight .bust a big load of c** in you and let it drip in ur panties ...damn why cant women come up and say they h**** and ill f*** the s*** out them

  • I need a proper pounding. I want it so bad I can't even think straight.

  • Nice, but you'd be on your back with your legs up high getting a proper pounding by that time.

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