To each his own

I kind of get a bit p***** from time to time with comments from my friends. i can't help what may parents do or don't do.

my mom is my dad's 'other' wife/woman. they have been together for a long long time, afterall i'm 17 and graduating from HS. my dad's wife (they are officially married) has been my 'aunt' since i was born. she is really my other mom. i spend half my time over there, and we live down the block. my dad just keeps two homes.

since i can remember we, all of us, have never spent christmas apart, or thanksgiving. we, all of us, go on vacation together. we, all of us, are a family. there are as many pictures of my dad and mom holding hands as there are of my dad and my 'aunt'. my mom and my 'aunt' are like two sisters, except that my mom is way younger. my dad just has two wives. not usual, or normal maybe, but not unusual either.

we are not Mormon as some think i am. we are latinos. when you ask my mom, she just says she is my dad's 'mujer'.

one day, maybe if i'm lucky, i will have a man who cares for me, supports me, loves me, as much as my dad loves my mom.

Jan 24, 2011

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