I love a guy thats over me

Today, i think this is my day, the day i die. im young, but i love a boy. we were together for a short while (7 months) and we were on and off. i caused the fights and our breakups. i did everything a girlfriend shouldnt have done. i cheated, told him to die, etc. and, he told me he still loved me after everything i put him through. but july 17th, yesterday, i really lost him. to another girl. i hope they live happy together, because i just want him to be happy. but for me, i dont deserve this life, and i just dont want to deal with this pain. i can't take it anymore; i hurt him, but in the end i get hurt too.
i wanted only him to be my purpose. but, now since he's moved on, theres nothing ican do ...
today, i think this is my day, the day i die.

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  • So are you dead now, or just yet another teenage drama queen? (hope it's the first one. lol)

  • You have to find happiness in yourself before you can share it with a partner. The only thing you can do now is tell him you're sorry, and that you have some major regrets about hurting him and ruining your relationship. Don't expect him to come back to you, though.

  • dont do that there r people that love you im sure and i know for a fact that there is a God that loves you with all his heart. give jesus ur heart and you will be so happy and a much better person all u have to say is yes jesus and tell him to forgive all ur sins and then start reading ur bible and find a church in ur area and i promise ur life will be so much happier. I love you in the lord :)))

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