I hope and pray he's not yours. It would be hard letting everyone know what we're going to do, but if her kid ends up being that other guys, I can nurse you through that sudden lost fatherhood. It would just be so much easier if she wasn't around for the next 20 years of our lives, trying to win you back when she and her husband fight. If the child is yours, I pray he has Down syndrome, that I know, and have good family members with experience for any help we need. I just pray his heart is fine and that we are strong for him. If the child's not yours, I'm so sorry for that kid, his parents will s**** him/her up soooooooooooo bad! I love this child too. I can see me caring for him/her for those 20 years, but having to hand him/her off to that wench you chose for all your dumb reasons, that is THE most painful thought when it comes to your child. PLEASE PLEASE don't let the kid be yours.
ALSO, please dump those loser friends of yours who hate us, and lie to you, and spy on you for her (creeeeeeeepy!) Thanks!

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  • I hope her kid is that way too. all of them as gods condemnation to her !

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