I am being told I am a cyber bully, even though I went to a "safe site" for opening up about anything, and asked for love advice. I was mocked and treated cruelly. I let them know that, and now I might be kicked off the site for it. I want to complain to my friends and bf but can't because then they might find my secrets. Situations always get flipped around on me, it sounds whiny but it's true. Once I defended a special needs woman at my work who a grown man was making fun of (not to her face, to me) I defended her, and he told my manager had I of been a man he would have punched me in the face for saying what I did to him (that he shouldn't say such things, how impolite he was when I had just explained she had special needs and was not "on drugs") WHAT?! If I can't tell my loved ones my secrets, and can't tell strangers my secrets (asking love advice in this case) then what am I supposed to do with my unsaid thoughts? I pray, but being human I also want another human to know, you know?

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