I hate you.

I hate the way you talk , like nothings important
I hate that half smile u get when your flirting or trying to be **
I hate how you walk, the way your body moves
I hate your mouth when you talk, or scream
I hate that shy smile when your feeling nervous
I hate your face, your mouth, your nose, your hair
I hate how your so perfect, and how everyone wants you
I hate how you dont notice, not even a little.
I hate how your always in my mind, even when im never in yours
I hate how you dont care, how you despise me and ignore me.
I hate how you were the one who tried, but turned ur back faster than i could tell.
I hate that your so different, and compeling.
I hate how i just want to touch you, how i want you to hold me
But most of all, i hate how i could never hate you,but almost the opposite.
I hate that I could love you, and that i want to.
And how everything I want to hate about you, only makes me want you more.

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  • Sorry, I dozed off. What were you saying?

  • Wow that could not've been any more lame. I saw this oen coming.

  • i know its lame, but i didnt write it to entertain you.

  • I wasn't entertained, don't worry :) If you put something on the internet, someone will probably comment on it, especialy if its lame!!

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