Spying Pig

I've taken advantage of my best friend and roommate more than once. We have a flip door that separates our bedroom closets, and I use this door to spy on him alone in his room. I've watched him strip, m*********, pleasure himself, and have witnessed his most personal and private moments... I even know what he won't share with a girl when he's jerking off. I LOVE spying, and I've masturbated "with him" and timed my load with his. A few times when he was trashed, I've entered his room, sniffed his pits and b**** and sucked his c***. Sorry! Is what it is.

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  • No. I'm not gay, b****! I just like sucking c*** now and then.

  • uhmm this sounds fake but if its real i suggest you join a gay group or simply starting going out to local hangouts.

  • This is B.S.

  • are you a guy?

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