the truth is.. i HATE being pregnant

the truth is.. i HATE being pregnant.
i really never want to do this again.
my emotional status is terrible.
i need help.

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  • see a therapist . . . p.t.s.d.

  • throw yourself down a flight of stairs, it'll take care of the baby..

  • You can get through this.... take courage!

  • it will be over soon. Pregnacy is the easy part. and to the above commenter, have you ever heard of birth control?

  • Well, I know this probably won't help much, but mother hood aint no piece of cake either. Enjoy being pregnant! At least you can sleep when you're pregnant. When that baby comes out and starts screaming, and pooping, and puking at all hours of the night, and you can't get a second's peace even to take a shower, then you will know what it's like to have a terrible emotional status. I have 4 kids. I wanted my tubes tied after the 1st but I was too young and the doctor wouldn't do it. So I decided to be dumb and keep popping out kids left and right. Now I am miserable and can't see my life ever being fun again. H***, even going to the gas station is a freakin' hassle now. I go home at night after working 10 hours and the real work starts- feeding and bathing and dressing kids. Trying to keep my 11 month old from eating things off the floor and trying to keep my 2 year old from tearing the house apart. Trying to keep my 4 and 6 year olds from killing eachother. And my body is screwed up and I would love to wiggle my nose and change everything. I love my children, I really do. But sometimes I just want to be "Just ME" again. So I feel your pain, lady.

  • There are mothering forums out there that have sections for your issues. They are there to give you support.

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