I act like it never happened

I've had 2 abortions. The first one was extreamly difficult and really traumatized me. The second I feel like it never happened. I hate to see pregnant women they make me sick. Girls, dont get pregnant. Be safe because if you do get pregnant all off your options (abortion adoption parenting) really suck and will have a huge impact on your life. Wait until your married and ready and can be happy to have a baby.

Nov 26, 2011

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  • Former coworker friend (close friend) had three. I took her for the last one, and, not kidding..She took it like it was nothing. We went to eat afterwards. She was tired, but that was it. No emotion, trauma..Just tired and needed to eat. I found that a bit odd...And this is a woman I was very close with.

  • Rhian Ramos, is that you?

  • Getting abortions is a good thing the last thing we need is a new kid on this planet who wont have a good mom and dad to raise him my parents both have jobs and have had 6 kids together but they had six because they could handle to care for 6.

  • I've had an abortion and I don't care.

  • you will.

  • No, she won't. neither will i. and if this is a veiled threat from a bible thumper, lol good luck with that. you have no idea what comes next, you just believe you do.

  • They do love to pretend they have any clue what their pretend sky daddy is thinking, don't they? So arrogant! Plus they confuse fear and love, which is perhaps the sickest and saddest thing of all.

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