The one that got away

I confess that I still live in a lifetime lost in that moment. That I still think about the first night I met you where I was blown away by your blue eyes and amazing smile that made me feel like I'd found my home after years of trying to survive in a storm of heartbreak and crushed dreams. How we sat talking until sun rise then fell asleep in each others arms. Almost 3 years on I still have hope in my heart that we will carry on from that night, but this time I will be brave enough to show you who I really am, how happy I can make you, and in just a few months time, it will not be to her but to me that you will be saying "I do".

But my foolish heart knows deep down this will never happen and that you will never know how I felt, still do and always will. Sandy x

Jul 27, 2011

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  • I do hope that you find that someone who can completely you. Dont let that person passes you by. Love is so hard to define yet so blind. I would say fight for what you believe in. What happen in your past is the past. Move on and be happy. This world is full of love and happiness also. I wish you nothing but the best =)

  • Thank you so much, thats very very sweet. The sad thing is he is not my ex. I was in a long-term relationship before and I was in love. After that i never thought I'd love again until I met this man after a year. As I know what being in love is, I can say I am not in love with this guy but what hurts is that I know I would fall in love with him given the chance. He never knew how I felt because I had been hurt in such a way before that I didnt want to give anyone else power over me again. So he never really knew. And so he moved on. And he is now getting married. I dont sit and cry over him but what has been killing me is the regret that I did not let him see who I was or how I felt, and instead I acted like a teenage girl who didnt know what she wanted. Insecurity caused me the chance at happiness and I will never forgive myself. What I have learnt from this is that the next time (if) it happens, I will be myself and not be afraid to show my feelings. Thank you xx

  • When you fell in love I hope that you didn't hurt yourself as I became in love with no one at this time

  • sandy, you sound like a wonderful young woman who has had a relationship that blew your mind, and ended in a way you didn't want...but you cannot sit around hoping and waiting! we don't stay young forever, and it is over for a reason. take the best from your past experience and move on, to find something even better, at least you know what 'it' feels like, and so will be able to recognize it the moment you come across it; there are plenty of fish in the sea, and although easier said than done, you WILL find someone more worthy! an ex is an ex for a reason.

    -if you can't move on, don't sit around and wait aimlessly, message him, let him know you are there, and see what he has to say to you: he will either validate your wait, or give you new reason to move on!!!

    BE STRONG!!!! find love - and move on

  • Don't give up! You are surely waiting, but you are waiting for something good. You will have that moment and you may have a better one, your partner is maybe having the same feeling, and also, you will be thinking of a great night that will never happen!! Tell me, Why? It can and it will, you will find a special one that will always ask for you and check your feelings, she could be anywhere, she could be a friend of yours, but still, you will find her because we also don't know.

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