Ok I'm about tired of these dumb

Ok I'm about tired of these dumb immagrants coming over here and messing up our society. Stupid foreigners who come and do stuff like the Virginia Tech shootings. Look I know that all foriegners aren't bad but there should be some requirements for people coming into this country. For one learn to speak english. We shouldn't have to have signs up in stores that are in spanish. If you want to live in America then speak english you fools. And if you don't like then stay over there in your stupid country that you are trying to get out of because of war, famine and lack of opportunity. I mean everybody hates America but they want to come over here and play our sports, work for our businesses and live in our society. I'm tired of having to know spanish when I'm in Miami or LA. I know there's a lot of people there who are mexican but still this isn't Spain, Mexico, Russia or where ever you are from. If you want to live here become a citizen of the USA otherwise go back to where you came from. And blacks get a pass because they didn't exactly choose to come over here. We had something to do with that (shamely) but everybody else who comes to this country and tries to impose your countries language, customs, and ideas. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

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  • Was columbus a terrorist or illegal immigrant?

  • LOL people are so f****** ignorant! I do not even know where to begin with this a******, so I will just keep my mouth shut!

  • wow, there is so much wrong in this post, I can't even decide what to say. I have two words: melting pot!

  • and people are trying to say s*** about coming over here illegally, when the europeans came they were coming illegally to dumb s***. all of arizona, texas, parts of new mexico, utah and some of california once was MEXICO until dumb s*** heads like you came and took it from them, so technically you are in our land a******.

  • listen b****... first of all s*** like virgia tech wasnt done by mexicans you dumb ignorant f*******. learn your facts before trying to say anything. second if your not good enough for a job and an immigrant gets it over you thats your fault for being such a dumb ass. this country wouldnt survive without all the immigrants coming from all over. your family itself came from immagrants you dumb s***. and again its not just mexicans coming over so stop trying to say s*** you know nothing about.

  • Well I am a legal immigrant, a resident and hopefully soon I will be a citizen. I understand your point of view with illegal immigrants, even though I feel sympathy for them they shouldn't be here. I love living here and the great opportunity this country has to offer. I think you have these views because immigrants do try and impose our culture here. But what my family does is we try to adopt the lifestyle here and keep our culture as well, like melding the two together. You wouldn't undertand because you have lived here all your life and haven't gone through anything "hard". And we are also forced to come here. In our contries things are so bad that we cannot stay there and hope to survive. Just like the europeans came for a chance at life years ago. Stop being such an ignorant b**** because were all f****** immagrants, including you piece of s***.

  • Yeah...

    The thing is that illegal immigration is an insult to those immigrants who came here legally. Who did it by the books.

    All illegal immigrants currently in the United States of America should be immediately and forcefully ejected.

  • I agree If you want to be an american than be an american, and learn the language and customs. If you don't want to be an american stay in your own god forsaken country.

  • You can't even spell "immigrants" you stupid fucktard.

  • Well I will speak on it again. Dumb immagrants come to this country because they are kicked out of their peice of crap countries, or can't make a descent living in their poor garbage countries should respect the Great America enough to learn it's cultures and languages. I shouldn't have to learn spanish or some other language to live here. So to the above commenter you shut the F&*& up you sorry immagrant loving b******. And by the way I was talking about illegal immagrants. Not the ones who come here legally and work and pay taxes like the rest of us.

  • if i ever met an ignoramus like you in person i might have to slap you upside the head. it is negative thinking like this that CAUSES all the problems our nations faces today. and that goes for the moron that posted above me as well.

    p.s. how could you bring up virginia tech?! he was a disturbed boy, regardless of his citizenship. you obviously don't know which issues you are speaking about so that means shut the f*** up and never speak again because you are an embarassment to americans everywhere.

  • This poster is right. F*#@ all illegal immagrants. I say if they don't have a green card or legal citizenship shoot the bastards

  • ^^ You are a dumb c*** and I hope you grow a very tight v***** on your face so some guy with a huge d*** can rape it and tear it very painfully.

  • First of all my people didn't come over here volentarily. We were forced to come over here. Second of all, if these people want to come to america then they should go through the necessary steps to become legal citizens. And as far as that "they do work we won't do" BS. You can take that and stuff it up your cheap butts. The only reason you people hire illegal immagrants is so you can cheat them and pay them next to nothing. If americans were paid fairly then there would be a lot of american people willing to take those jobs. And it's not too much to ask for them to learn english. I'm tired of calling help desk and getting these idiots that I have to spell things out to. And everyone of these commenters must be immigrants because the comments are stupid and don't make sense to begin with. So to all you commenters you stfu and the next time some stupid muslim who hates america decides to carry out a terrorist plot from inside this country then don't say anything about it.

    Don't nobody care about what's going on in their countries and about what they are trying to escape. Evidently if it was that horrible they would do everything possible to LEGALLY get into this country. So keep taking about immigrants are what built this country because it's going to be their dumb a$$es who destroy it.

  • Immigration is the sole most important factor responsible for the growth of this country. You fool. Go f****** your cousin, you hick.

  • we have a free country you ignorant idiot. their culture is what makes our country as amazing as it is. they do the work YOU DON'T WANT TO, so get over it. when they something personally to you, then you can complain. for now, get over and stop being so conceited. you're not better than them. they want what you got for free and are paying for it. you're ignorant.

  • I agree that illegal immigration is completely wrong and something should be done about it but AMERICA WAS BUILT ON IMMIGRATION. EUROPEANS DIDN'T JUST RANDOMLY APPEAR HERE. If you want to b**** about coming into this country and "imposing your countries language, customs, and ideas," how about you go back to whatever country your ancestors are from and leave this land for the Native Americans that were here in the first place? You are a f****** idiot and I hope someone reaches down your throat and pulls out all of your organs through your mouth so that they can look for a heart since you OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE ONE.

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