I hate my mother. I hate her for leaving me alone in the hospital. I hate her for giving me a pink bath robe for Christmas. I hate her for dating Anthony. For dating Ben. For marrying Angelo. I hate her for putting me to sleep early that night just so she could pleasure Angelo. I hate her for having a baby boy. I hate her for having a baby boy with aspergers. I hate her for leaving me to understand, support, and love him. For making me raise her child. I hate her. But, for all the reasons I hate her, I love her even more. For marrying David. For having me. For having my brother. For letting me know, that if anything, her love would be the first of many things she gives us. I hate her for being herself. I love her for being my mother.

Jul 28, 2011

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  • Once when I read your confession, I thought you hate your mother badly, that you would even leave the house! But then, I read it all, and realized that you are blind. You do love your mother for the reasons above, but have you ever thought of why did she does all the things you hate? Did you see why she does it? I asume that you don't have your father with you, so when your mother married Angelo, isn't it for you own good, for all your sake? And plus, Have you ever thought of the good things she has done to you before saying those awafull thoughts of yours?

    I have a question for you, Do you love your life? if it is yes - which is surely yes - then you should be thankfull to your mother for borning you, for giving you a soul, for giving you a name, for giving you memories and for giving you life. So then, don't you think that you have to go to her and kiss her head?

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