I guess I'm glad you told me you

I guess I'm glad you told me you cheated on me with her. I'm not even mad. Just disappointed. I've never really felt like this. You said you didn't have a reason,you just fooled around with her and didn't mean it. I wish you had been drunk or something so I would feel better about myself. If I did something wrong I hope you'll tell me. I don't even want to be without you. I'm feeling indecisive.

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  • This happened to me, and I know you feel like s*** right now. I kept the loser around for a while, and he did it again. The second time was the final straw. I should have dumped him after the first, because the second time he gave me an STD. I was horrified when the doctor's office called me. I had gone in for a routine pap bc I was pregnant. I went home and smacked him in the head with my purse. Basically lost it, then explained. Get rid of him now. If he did it once, he will do it again.

  • I think you have the right idea. It may not be something wrong with you but it's probably something you did or wont do that caused him to cheat. If he says that it was for no reason then he's lying. I'm a married guy and I don't ever plan on cheating on my wife but she doesn't allow me to c** in her mouth. She give me head but doesn't let me finish. Now if I was to do something it would be for a reason like that. Not saying that it's right because it's not, but I'm just giving you an idea as to why he could have decided to look else where. But don't think it was some wrong with you.

  • How much does your relationship mean to him? Is he remorseful? Do you otherwise have a really good relationship? Is it worth being saved? Or are there other things that are going wrong? Usually cheating is a symptom and a sign that maybe something in the relatioship is being neglected or isn't working.

  • Dump him......... if he loved u then being loyal would ve come naturally.

  • No guy should ever make you feel that way. Dump him.

  • I don't want to do that though,it's not like I don't like him anymore or something. I'm not going to judge him soley on this. The trust issue is kinda there though.. And I feel like I did something wrong. Or I'm just not good enough.

  • Dump him.

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