I cheated in a BIG way

I've been married for 5 years. I'm a pretty caucasian woman 5' ,blond, nice body. I like to stay fit and have always enjoyed flirting and the attention I get from other men but have previously done nothing more than that. I was out with some girlfriends and I was getting hit on by a couple really hot black guys. I was wearing a short tight dress and I think I looked damn good which started my problem. Anyway I spent a lot of time with them at the other end of the bar and when my friends all left I stayed. My two new friends got me very drunk and I ended up having a s** with BOTH of them. Part of it was fulfilling a reoccurring fantasy which was probably my motivation. So now I fell I need to tell my husband or something. Don't start judging me or preaching to me i won't care what you have to say. I just need concrete advise about what I should do...or ar least I got this off my chest.

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  • I'm what they call a s*** in the UK. Basically I f*** around but I find black men just want to bang my c***, without thinking of my needs, white guys lick me and spend a lot of time on foreplay, which I love but I still take black c*** when needed

  • Wish you were my wife. I imagine my wife doing that. Its erotic.

  • Interracial relationships are perfectly normal where I live. My dad tried to raise me to think it was wrong. But me being as stubborn as I am, I refused to listen :) My first boyfriend was black. He still loves me after like 4 or 5 years. I kinda consider getting back with him sometimes. And I actually prefer Mexicans. I don't like many white guys.

  • just grow up and tell the truth.

  • As a black guy,I like what the 52 year old has to say.Telling your hubby about that may cost innocent black guys their lives.You see,there is nothing ignorant white men hate as much as knowing that their white wife, girlfriend, or any white female, craves black men day and night and f**** some when good opportunity presents itself. From the responses here,you can see that some white men have really fragile egos.

    I have slept with hundreds of married women,many of them married.Some of these women had never f***** a black guy before,some loved black men,some just liked men,some just loved s**.Most of the married ones never told their hubbies(i never got my ass kicked),they may have kept it a secret.

    Some white men have this mentality that a woman needs to stay at her place cook and clean..she may do that and then call in a black guy or go to his place and f*** him good while the husband is away bragging about the contrl he has over the wife,lol.

  • If you were my wife, your s*** would be in the front yard when i found out. You could go live with n****** & end up knocked up, pimped out or whatever. Just so you know, i guarantee they had a great laugh about f****** " the white ho". I assure you thats all you were to them, so hope you enjoyed yourself. I feel sorry for your husband.

  • N*****?? You guys need to watch your mouth... kinda disrespectful...

  • They call us cracker, etc...for gods sake they call each other n*****, so grow up. Who f***** cares? Its a f****** word!

  • You are a c***.

  • You need to do your best to make sure your husband never finds out. Since you and the two black guys are the only ones who know it shouldn't be too difficult. Just let it go. It might actually help your s** life with your husband if you fantasize about that night when having s** with him.

  • Its to late. Once you have f***** a n***** (as a white female) you have put yourself in the category of which most successful/intelligent white men will no want anything to do with you.

    If you want to tell your husband... don't expect him to take it lightly.

    Thats like him going out and sleeping with some black h*****.

  • I second that. I dumped a girlfriend when I found out she dated a black guy.


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