My friends don't like me anymore.... We

My friends don't like me anymore.... We were best friends for years but after my relocation we went apart.... What should I do?

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  • second that

  • ^second that^

  • Find new friends.

  • yeah same here. I think u should try contacting them they may want to talk they may not but atleast u gave it a try and ull feel like u tried.

  • get over it; they obviously did.

  • Join the club. I had a solid contingent of friends throughout high school and university. Now that I am done school... all I seem to have is my family and my girlfriend. My interests are growing apart from theirs. There is nothing to do about it. Go with the flow. Eventually you'll come to find people again... but this time in your life you'll probably find friends who have similar interests as you. Those are normally the friends you have a better chance of keeping forever.

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