I was bullied all through high school. At one point it was a "common practice" for bullies to try to rip my pants and underwear off. My books were stolen, and obscene phone calls came into my home 24/7/365. All it did was make me angry, and get me into trouble. It's no fun when those in charge will do nothing, or those who witness won't talk, fearinig retailiation.

I wanted to get all this off my chest. Including my nasty temper, I'm so sorry I got angry insptead of just forgiving. I started a web page, which reveals what's really going on at my old high school,and how it was and still is being covered up...even decades later.
This is not intended as free advertising, it's intended to spread the truth about what went on at Westminster High School, in Westminster, Maryland.

Aug 8, 2011

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  • It's a good thing you are doing turning a negative into a positive. Bullies should never be tolerated in schools. Being bullied should never be a traumatic part of a person's childhood. I wasn't bullied in school, but I've read a number of tragic stories about children bullied that resulted in deaths, and made me aware of the miseries psychopathic bullies perpetrate upon their victims. Bullies need to be identified in schools, punished, and rehabilitated, if possible. In fact, just as with assaults on adults, children assaulting other children should face severe penalties. You are an inspiration and a hero, and you will help many people with your website and your passion.

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