I'm a female, and I ** when I'm stressed or angry. I only use certain ** that makes me angry because I feel like it helps me release tension. It's so intense, that it hurts my hand and right leg. It's sounds fu**ed up and crazy, but I've always had this problem. Not one single person knows about it.

Oct 15, 2013

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  • First, masturbation is normal and great. Second, watch whatever ** you like if it helps you get off. If you feel bad about the type of **, don't. ** is fantasy and people fantasize about all kinds of weird stuff. Some is extreme or strange and that's okay. I'm not sure about the right leg thing but if the pain is because you're not using toys, you need to get a really nice collection of vibrators and toys. There are so many great choices out there for females at every price point and you can get them online and the packaging is very discreet. Enjoy it, sweetie, there is nothing wrong with what you're doing!!

  • I do the same thing, and have the hand and right leg thing happen to me to, but why watch ** that makes you mad? How does ** make you mad?

  • Honey there's nothing wrong with masturbation. Everyone does it. It's very normal. Just enjoy it. I've haven't ever missed a day unless I was unable since I was a little boy. Nearly sixty years later I still do it daily, just not 10 times a day like I used to, maybe 3. It's healthy. Just do yourself baby. No one knows how you love to, and what makes you, ** like you do.

  • Thats healthy dont worry sweatheart

  • I find that i sometimes end up masturbating when stressed out or nervous too. i don't really have any ** that i look at, it just seems to be a nervous habit. i guess it is technically stress relief...

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