Well I'm completely taken advantage of

Well just because I'm smart doesn't give you the right to f****** treat me like s***, copy my f****** answers, and insult me right in my face. I'm the quiet guy in class who will help anyone who asks cause thats the way I am, but now I'm sick of the people taking that for granted, just because I don't have the heart to say "no". Then my friends talk to me about their problems which turn out to be nothing but High school "drama" s***. Their problems are nothing and yet they always come to me. Well, I am fed up listening to all the crap. When they ask me if I ever do I just say no cause they will keep changing it to them selves. F*** why are people in high school so narcissistic and retarded.
Well my family is f***** up too I can remember when we used to talk about all sorts of things but now I come down to eat and go back up to my room cause they will start getting angry about the littlest things, like when I help my sister with her homework and my dad thinks he's right and keeps saying all my answers are wrong. Then when I am right he just gets even more angry and doesn't talk to me. Even in my family I am used, I clean the house, I do lots of chores, and almost never do they complement on anything. G******* I'm sick of it all.

Jan 10, 2011

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  • You're not alone.
    People only befriended me because I was the smart kid. My mom gets mad at me, ridicules me, and sometimes hits me for proving her wrong. I actually didn't graduate because of my mom, but she blames the fact that I fell in love with my now fiance during high school, which had nothing to do with how I flunked out of school. I'm my moms slave and she never says thank you for anything I do...ANYTHING.

    You're not the only one that feels this way. *hugs*

  • Guess what... Thats life, welcome to the real world. In the real world most people don't give a flying s*** about you, but eventually you'll meet the rare, rare onesthat do. Worry about them and f*** everyone else. And for the kids who cheat off you, give them wrong answers, or grow some b**** and say no.

  • Well they're only using you...don't let them...make friends that care about you, and don't stress so much because it'll be over in a few years, it's not forever

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