You hate me

I am begining to hate you. it makes me cry to say it, but everything you say cuts me to the bone.... do you hate me to?

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  • Yeah unlike the pathetic poster before yes I hate you. You are a piece of crap and deserve my hate. Get out of my sight. I can't stand you look at you. Yuck!

  • I love you not hate you. You can hate me it's ok. I won't turn my back on you no matter what you say or do. ZEN! Piece!

  • You sound like someone I know, maybe you have cut that person to the bone also and they want you to feel as awful as they do. I'm sure they don't hate you, hate is a very strong word. What did you do to them to use such harsh words. They may be in the wrong, but you may also be wrong. You just said you are beginning to hate them and from what you just said it seems that they hadn't said they hated you. So who's the hater.... You?

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