I wish

A boy gave a damn about me. Sure all my friends do, but I just wish there was at least one boy who did.

I write music and I'm doing really good on YouTube, and I think that's really cool and I love it. I just wish my music could find me someone to love.

It's really lonely being someone who has their own opinions and thoughts and doesn't run with the crowd of idiots.

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  • the only thing doing my own thing and going on my own opinions got me was a social outcast ticket for life.
    Rite now i wish there would atleast be one friend to love me, and not backstab the s*** outta me.
    a boy, a boyfriend, well the chance of that rite now is only in my dreams.

    So i can basically say to you, dont take advantage of ur friends, and dont get all suked over about not having a bf.
    A bf is like a best friend, so if you can get friends, a boyfriend wont be to hard. Eventually.

  • Well whatever you're going through, just know that me, who wrote this that you're replying to, is rooting for you. Try starting new. My mom just died in January, and I've become a deeper person. I like the new me, and I hope people notice it.

    I'm not really sucked over the typical omg lyk i dont have a boyfrienddd1111 I just mean like, having a man there for me who loves me. I can wait, I just wish I knew who it was, you know?

    Good luck to you!!

  • Girl I know how you feel. Ive decided that I'm not going to go out with just anybody, I am going to wait for the right guy (or girl; I'm not picky with gender) to come along and love me for WHO I AM. (I'm not pretty) but good luck. I'm sure you'll find your guy soon enough though. Tons of guys absolutely adore musical talent, so it shouldn't be too hard. :)

  • So glad you do! Thank you so much, I hope you find your someone too!

    I just want someone who cares about me, and can be my best friend.

  • Im infront of a camera.. Of course i try to look good. 60,000 people have seen me on youtube

  • I am a boy and my advice: Make yourself a 7 out of 10 in visual beauty, whatever your natural or desired style: athletic, cute, down to earth, curvy, wholesome, sexy etc. No plastic surgery ever, it's never needed. Visual beauty is important to every boy, some more than others. Cold truth, accept it, have fun with it. Every girl can achieve a 7 out 10, even a blind and one legged one. It's harder for some than others. If you are already 7 out of 10, there are boys who secretly like you but are too shy or want the 9 out of 10 girl. Don't try to become a 9 out of ten, keep looking for a new boy, be a little proactive and persuasive.

  • Im not ugly.. Everyone tells me im an 8. I take reallly good care of myself. The problem is that im not a dumbass and im not easy. Im seventeen and i want to take things old fashioned. Dont assume every girl on here is a pig you p****.

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