For the last 8 months I have had this

For the last 8 months I have had this awesome job at a pipeline company. I get paid $150 a day, 6 days a week, to answer phones and play on the computer (as I'm doing now.) When they hired me, I knew that it was temporary. I have been blowing money like crazy, buying stuff for my big dream wedding and just p****** off the cash. Now the job is about to end and I am screwed. And I am feaking out because I don't know if I can go back to making minimum wage somewhere. I make now in one day what I have made in a week. And I have 5 kids to support. I am seriously f***** up about this. I feel like the biggest loser on the planet. My truck is really close to being repoed, and that is going to be hard to explain to my kids. I act like everything is fine but it's not. I am already stressing about how to buy Christmas presents for the kids.

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  • you've posted on here before about having a retarted step daughter.

    GET SOME BIRTH CONTROL WITH YOUR $76. it's cheaper than more kids.

    maybe you shouldnt be stupid and p*** your money away.

  • Dang I did read that post. I remember thinking what a person with morals over money. But tell the truth if he was fine in his old age would you?

    Yeah that's a touchy situation. If i were you I wouldn't have told the mother in law because I would expect that reaction. Especially from an older woman. Anyway like I said before. Try to use the experience you have now to find another job or just swallow your pride and talk to the mother -n- law. Tell her that you love her son and that you would never sleep with her husband and this job is needed not only for you but her grandchild. But from what it sounds like this woman is cold and you have a better chance at getting another job.

  • I don't know if you read the post about the 70 something year old father in law (future father-in-law) that offered the girl money for s** or not, but if so, that was me. When I told his wife, which is my fiance's mother, she turned it around on me, and told me that I must have been flirting with him. She is still with the old pervert, and she hates me now.

  • She pulled the old okie doke on you. What did you do to get her so upset that she would be alright with s******* you like that? Whatever it is try and get back on her good side until you can get this stuff paid off. I also suggest getting a perm position some where else.

  • To answer your question, I am 24. I have 4 children of my own, and my fiance has 4 (one of which lives with us, which is where 5 came from). He pays child support on the other 3 that live with their mother. He works as a tow truck driver, which means that he only gets paid if he gets calls, (wreaks, break-downs, etc.)
    We did decide to go for the small wedding, but not until I went out and bought a really expensive dress, and a tux for the ring bearer, etc. I paid for the honeymoon already, thinking that I would have this job for a long, long time.
    See, my fiance's parents got me the job. His mother told me that if I started working here and made a good impression, when the company starts a new project, I will have it made because I'll have my foot in the door. Each job lasts a few months to sveral years- they are temp. jobs "projects")
    Well, then she got p***** off at me and now she won't help me get hired onto that next big project.

  • That's freaked up $76 after taxes and child support. Man that's bananas. First of all how old are you. I guess it doesn't matter because you have five kids and you should have been thinking about them and not yourself, but the past is the past. For starters you now have experience doing what you were doing. Try finding another job in that same field. If they were willing to pay you then maybe somebody else is willing to pay you that or more to answer the phone and play on the pc. Second of all grow up. I understand wanting the big wedding and all but you are setting your self up for failure. To start a marriage off in debt with 5 kids is a formula for divorce. You should have had a nice little private wedding and then maybe later you could have had your dream wedding. But God be with you.

  • The father left after I had my youngest daughter. He can't hold a job and refuses to pay child support. My fiance works, but he has so much child support taken out of his checks that he barely brings home anything. Last week his check was $76 after taxes and child support.

  • Where's the father/s of the kids?!?! or just the fiance?!

  • Dude you suck.

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