My biggest regret in life is getting

My biggest regret in life is getting married and having kids.My husband only thinks of himself.My kids dont listen to me.I should have stayed in school and got a career.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • never too late!

  • wow, I have never heard a mother talk about her children this way, you need counseling!

  • Divorce she would still have the kids that don't listen.I would have joint custody or evey six months let your lazy ass husband do some child rearing besides just working a job.Your husband will not be able to just think of himself if he is the one with the kids for evey 6 months.Try telling your husband how u feel am sure he is clueless about your unhappiness and honey if he does not care about your unhappiness the only answer is to get a divorce but that will be painfull for awhile.Be more stern with your children give them punishments and stick to the punishment.Your husband needs to help with the children.


  • I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we wanted. Can you talk to your husband? It starts there before there's hope of getting the kids to listen.

  • i get what you're saying... but you'd miss them if they were gone

  • you are a j*** and you suck eggs. i can't twait until you realize what you have until it is gone.

    -- jo

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