I am really depressed today and

I am really depressed today and questioning my life. Is it worth it? sometimes I just dont know. I think being lonely is what is bothering me the most.

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  • you either learn to be alone, or find someone that feels the same way.

  • Ive been there before, quite recent actually. I think all the comments made so far reflect some truth. i know that when your feeling suicidal it doesnt matter what anyone says it just doesnt seem to make a difference as only the sufferer knows the suffurings. sometimes what poeple tell you honestly makes you feel worse because what they tell you just seems so simple but yet so complicated at the same time. My personal thoughts about the mastter is that you need to change your thinking & though pattern, again its easier said than done but thats the route you need to take. Ive seen pschatrists & psychoilogists, ive been on the highest dose of anti-depressants, i was on anti-psychotics & valium... and honestly as discouraging as it may sound it just made me worse. I stopped seeing doctors & taking the medication they pre-scribed all by self & just made up my mind to get over this. Dont get mne wrong medications do help loads of people in your situation but in my case it didnt. Any depressed person has 1 thing in common and thats a negative thought pattern, you really need to refuel your thinking which may mean keeping yourself busy & your mind distracted like peopl;e have mentioned above. I really really hope you get through this very soon as i know the toll it can take on your mental & physical state

  • Life sucks sometimes, but it goes on. You'll be okay. Go out and have some fun.

  • you just have to be strong. you need to realize that suicide is the most selfish act that you could do. go see a therapist. play a sport, do something refreshing to get your mind pumped in a optimistic way. go to a club meet someone new go to a grocery store anything can be better than contemplating death. its not the right answer so go live your life

  • The above commenter is right. You have to know how to encourage yourself because nobody has somebody there all the time.

  • I think one of the most importent things for people to learn how to be alone. you not always going to have someone there you have to learn to be your own friend. suck it up life goes on

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